My name is Wayne Dawson. I used to host the website of the Libertarian Toastmasters, a chapter that was in Pennsylvania. If you were ever associated with that group, send me a message. It would be nice to hear from you!

The previous group still exists, but has changed their name. I am interested in starting a new Libertarian Toastmasters. Alas, I have little time.

If you are interested in starting a new Libertarian Toastmasters, contact me. I host this domain and I would love to work with someone who can put some time into getting the club started. If there is interest, I can probably carve out some time to work on it. And you don't need to be in any particular geographic region - after all, this is the information age!

I would also be willing to sell the domain name if the price is right.

I welcome your input. Please contact me.
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